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Discover The Secrets To Becoming Your Own Super Hero In 21 Days.

Proven training system that will take you from ZERO to HERO!

We all wonder sometimes how some guys have the perfect body? How do they just appear to be super human and always seem to be in the right place at the right time to save the day like Super Hero?

What’s different about that guy?

He’s strong, bold, honest and rational, and just always has a firm grasp on life at any moment.

What do you think is the difference between you and him?

Absolutely NOTHING. The only thing that stands in the way of you and your unlimited true potential (that guy) are just a few HERO secrets (which I will reveal to you shortly) and sustainable dedicated time and efforts. That’s it!

YOU could be that guy that saves the day. YOU could be that guy that looks good no matter what he’s doing.

Simple fact – NOBODY is born a super hero. And certainly nobody is born with big and strong muscles. Developing the mind and physique of a hero is something you acquire over time and efforts.

For The First Time In History, You Are Being Given The Shortcuts To A Hero’s Journey!

Let me ask you a few simple questions:

If you were ever in a life threatening scenario hanging off a cliff, would you be able, with your own strength, to pull yourself up to save your own life?..

Or would you have to hold on for dear life until a super hero came to save you?

Or, if you saw someone else hanging off a cliff, would you be able to save them?

Let these very real questions sink in for a moment.

Life has become so easy nowadays because everything is already done for you. No longer do you have to work hard and get your hands dirty because you can pay some else to do it. The reality is, because of this new life style that has evolved in America, it has led MANY men to become very soft and fragile unfortunately. These men think just showing up to the gym and lifting a weight here and there is all it takes to be tough and build muscle…BUT they don’t know the secrets to a superhero body that I am sharing with you.

Now here’s the next question…

Would you rather be able to save someone else’s life… OR be the one that needs to be saved?

Hello, My Name Is Josh McClelland

My passion and mission is to enable guys achieve the body they have always wanted that is lean, strong and muscular. I will teach you how to tap into your true inner greatness and go beyond what you think you’re capable of like I’ve done for myself. I’ve realized through my own weight loss and muscle building journey what it takes to become the greatest version of yourself.

This is my story –

I’ve lived an unusual life so far that’s been amazing but one riddled with obstacles. I’ve always worked hard toward my goals and dreams and try to maintain daily strength through a positive mindset and training consistently. But the truth is, I haven’t always been this way.

I had a difficult childhood. I was born in a small town surrounded by people with small expectations. My goals and dreams to do great things were oppressed by everyone I shared them with. Plus, I was expected to follow in my father’s footsteps and take over the family plumbing business, but I know I wanted more out of my life.

At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with a reading/learning disability because I couldn’t pass any tests in school and had trouble reading and writing. Needless to say, I grew up with a lack of self-confidence, little self-esteem, and little hope for a bright future.

On top of that, health and fitness was NEVER a priority in my family. In fact, I clearly remember the first time I bit into a real peach. I thought it was disgusting! After all, I was raised on fast food and fruit out of a can. Healthy eating and exercise took a back seat in my family’s priorities and I lived my entire childhood overweight.

I wanted to overcome and rise above my situation but I didn’t know how. So I decided to join the military to serve my country and save lives. I thought that serving my country was one of the noblest and bravest thing I could do with my situation at the time. Until I was rejected…

That was when my life completely turned upside down. I was overweight and had asthmatic problems that restricted me from qualifying. But what really hit me was finding out, later that same week, my father had been diagnosed with an extremely rare type of cancer. I found myself questioning what would happen to him. I started wondering and asking myself a lot questions.

I realized that I was leading an unhealthy life that kept me overweight, out of shape, and with extremely low confidence in myself and my abilities, in addition to being completely consumed by fear. Fear of losing my father and of myself following the exact same path. I knew I had to make a change, and I had to make it quick.

I say all this to tell you it’s not where you come from, but rather where you are going that matters.

At that moment in time I decided for the first time of my life to take control of my health, my weight, and my destiny and make a change in the habits and routines that got me to where I was.

Today I have four years of experience in military leadership school, multiple health certifications, and a degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology. I managed to overcome my health issues by losing 70 pounds of body fat and re-gaining over 30 pounds of lean muscle. I discovered I had talents and abilities to help lead others to health and since then I have led many other people to also transform their bodies and lives forever by influencing a healthier and active life style.

I’m also pleased to announce that I still have regular conversations with my father, who’s shown me the real strength and courage it takes to fight for your life.

Believing in myself and hard work against all odds is what has gotten me to where I am today, mentally and physically.Josh3

Over the years I have continued my passion to stay healthy and active, and show others the way to living happier and
healthier lives. Even today, I look back on things and it’s hard to put the dots together. I’m doing things and accomplishing goals I would have never thought possible or even available to me if it were not have been for me dedicating my life to fitness.

I went from a weak and fat kid to a courageous strong person.

I went from being consumed by fear to the person I am today.

I have created a life I am proud of, a legacy worth passing on to my future generations to come.

Behavior Can Define Your Role In Life

In life you’re either the Hero or the one getting saved; the one that you are- depends on your daily behavior.

Having the strength of a super hero means always having the strength and power to succeed in EVERYTHING.

See, being strong isn’t just about being able to lift heavy shit, it goes way deeper and beyond just physical strength. It requires solid mental strength and will power too.

By gaining true inner strength, you can overcome literally any obstacle in your way, physical or mental. You can truly become great in your life, surpassing all limitations. Nothing can hold you back once you develop and grow this skill and strength.

Introducing…. SUPER HERO ABS!!

ONLY $29.99

Discover the secrets, the Hollywood actors do to have the physique and strength to act as a super hero in the movies in your own life!

My whole philosophy with looking the part of a super hero is first, not in the looks at all, but by your performance. If you can perform the part, you will look the part. Meaning, if you can bench 350lbs, squat 500lbs, and deadlift 600lbs you are going to LOOK like you can perform moving that kind of weight and that is exactly what makes a super hero a super hero!

3 Phases to SUPER HERO ABS — The “3 M’s”

mindset black and whiteMindset
The first step is all about understanding the mind and power it has over your physical destiny. Without a strong mindset first before achieving anything, even the simplest of tasks can become goal stropping obstacles. Discovering how to regain control over your thoughts and emotions is the first step in the journey to becoming your own super hero.

black and white arm flexing updatedMuscle
Just like training your mind for success, you have to physically train your body and muscles too. This is where most guys fall short or fail when it comes to gaining the strength and size they desire, because they pick trainers and mentors that don’t have the right tools and experience to help them forge Super Hero strength.

mastery black and whiteMastery
This is perhaps the most important factor to your success. True embodiment of a super hero goes beyond building the physical and mental strength out of the gate. It requires consistency with testing your abilities and grit to be successful. Consistency and progress are the keys to mastery.

Become Stronger, Faster, Bigger, Bolder, Courageous, Fearless, RELENTLESS!


  • Build SOLID lean muscle
  • Lose unwanted fat
  • Increase strength and PR’s on the bench press, squat and deadlift!
  • Naturally increase levels of testosterone in the body, aiding in building strength and size
  • Develop the right mind to muscle connections that get you the best results in weight lifting
  • Train, perform, and look like an athlete (or a Super Hero!)
  • Increased metabolism to burn fat even when NOT working out
  • Learn how to lift properly to decrease pain and achiness in your joints
  • Learn the secrets to never hitting a plateau again!
  • Disciplined behavior and thinking to be in line with success
  • Discover how to break through fear and unlock your true inner strength
  • Learn the secrets to lifting weights to build the body of your dreams
  • Increase your overall knowledge on fitness and how to live a healthy life
  • Build a legacy worth passing on to your kids and future generations

You Also Get….

BONUS 1 – The One Rep Max Reference Sheet

Included in the Super Hero Abs program.

Using a 1 Rep Max Reference Chart is an effective way to make the process of calculating the amount of weight you should be using for a given number of reps more methodical.

If you are curious of how much weight you can lift for only one rep (your 1 rep max lift), use this chart instead of putting yourself at risk for serious injury. You can shoot for 6 reps of any given weight then use the 1 rep max chart to estimate your 1 rep max. No need to put yourself in the hospital attempting to lift weight that’s too heavy.

BONUS 2 – Goal Hitting Guideline Sheet

In addition to the Super Hero Abs program.

Writing down your fitness, business, or relationship goals is a fundamental component to long-term success. The basic reason for this is that you can’t get where you want to be until you clearly define where that is.

Research studies show a direct link between goals and enhanced performance in fitness. Goals help you focus and allocate your time and resources efficiently, and they can keep you motivated when you feel like giving up.

What People Are Saying…

Being a fulltime Firefighter and gym owner, I am always looking to expand my knowledge with different programs. After finishing the first 21 day of Josh’s program I am stronger and more importantly moving better. I highly recommend this program for people of all fitness levels. Not only does it work, it is very user friendly with definitions of all the terms, and simple yet very effective descriptions and pictures of all the exercises.

~ Craig Sylvester

I have been working out for a few years now and am always trying to learn how to take my fitness to the next level. I have been working out at the same gym for a few years and this is where I met Josh Mcclelland. Some people just have a natural ability to help others which pretty much explains Josh. Our friendship started out as him helping me strive for my goals in the gym. Teaching me how too properly lift and that form is everything was Josh’s motto. Mobility, mobility, mobility!!! Josh used to preach mobility to me I can still hear his voice to this day. There’s not a day I lift that I don’t work on the mobility movements that josh taught me. Josh helped push me everyday in getting lean and building lean muscle. Long story short Josh and I grew a relationship more than just “lifting partners.” Today I can honestly say he is my best friend and can count on him for everything. What started out as a simple conversation turned into a lifelong friendship. Josh now helps me everyday to strive to be the best man I can be. We live long distance but talk almost everyday and he holds me accountable on what im doing to better my life. Josh is extremely reliable, honest and hardworking and his traits will rub off on you!

~ Bryce Busjahn

I started working out with Josh around 3 months ago on average two 45 minute sessions a week. I really enjoy the sessions and workouts he creates. And more specifically, how he mixes up the exercises to allow you to work on your whole body (back, abs, legs, etc…). I’ve gained a ton of muscle and strength! He also manages to make it fun while constantly pushing you to the next level. I also enjoy the fact he knows a lot about human anatomy which allows him to properly explain the best way to warm up certain muscles or how your body will react to the various exercises we do. I’m always looking forward to my upcoming sessions!

~ Clement Bosson

ONLY $29.99

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • How does this program work so fast?

It’s all about the timing and knowing when to implement different intensities and volumes with gaining muscle and loosing fat at the same time. With this program you will be performing the most efficient technique called periodization. Which is systematic variations in training specificity, intensity, and volume organized in periods or cycles within an overall program.

This will allow you to safely and efficiently gain the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time.

This program covers a 21 day cycle that you can grow with because it is based on your current real-time strength. So the stronger you get, the harder the program gets.

  • What if I’m new to weight lifting, will I be able to do this program?

Yes absolutely!

Every workout is prescribed according to your current intensity and weight level. Whether you can squat 100 pounds or 500 pounds, you can still follow along with this program according to your level of fitness and still see the results you want.

  • I have a pretty busy schedule with work and spending with friends and family, will this program still work for me?

Of course you can. Each workout is designed for you to get in, work hard, and get out. Keep in mind, you get out what you put in. So it’s up to you to put in the days, time, and effort to achieve your goals.

These workouts were designed for you to be in the gym and out of the gym in an hour or less!

  • I’m an avid weight lifter, but lately I haven’t been seeing the results I want. Will SUPER HERO ABS work for me?

This program is perfect for you then!

With this program, you’re consistently changing intensity, volume, and weight, so you will see results very quickly from your current situation.

With scientific driven programming in periodization, you will never plateau again!

  • How long does it take to start?

You can start right now!

The program is an instant PDF download of the entire SUPER HERO ABS program with a library of follow along exercises and pictures and descriptions explaining every cue.

ONLY $29.99

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